Personalized book with Santa

New! Personalized book with Santa: “My Christmas story”

Is there anything cooler that a personalized book with Santa Claus? An adventure in which the family’s little one will starr an amazing journey to the North Pole to get to know all the hidden secrets in Santa’s Village. In Mumablue we have made this dream come true, thanks to our new personalized book: “My Christmas story” 

It’s a special edition, limited in time, and that’s why we’ve decided to launch it before the Turkey. This year no one is beating us in getting the Xmas spirit early!

Well, because of this and because “My Christmas story” book starts when your child is not only in the Good-Kids-List made by the elves, he’s maxed out the generosity-meter. And for this to happen, your kid needs to start standing out in values such as kindness and generosity, because the elf in charge of her is taking good note! 😉 And that’s why this story with Santa Claus doesn’t arrive too early, more like the opposite!

personalized book with Santa Claus

A personalized book with Santa Claus full of secrets

In “My Christmas story”, the protagonist boy or girl will be rewarded for his good actions with an extraordinary journey to Santa Claus’ Village, where he or she will unveil all the secrets that make possible that every Christmas, every kid in the world has their gift. They will get to see the Post Office, where all the letters and emails that kids send, arrive; they will also love the Toy Factory, where the elves work to make thousands of games; Mrs. Claus enchanted greenhouse, where they grow poinsettias in which baby elves are born; the Polar Ranch, where the reindeer in charge of making Santa’s sleigh fly all over, live; and the Great Library, that holds the history of every child living in the world.

On top of this, in “My Christmas story” your child will discover the secret that allows Santa’s reindeer to fly and will be in charge of solving a conflict that threatens to leave the children without gifts this year. A personalized book with Santa Claus full of values, surprises and amazing adventures! The main values in this book are kindness, generosity and appreciation, all of them related to the Xmas spirit, that “My Christmas story” throughout the year and lifetime.

In the solution of the conflict we wanted to focus on books and reading. In this sense, the answers the child was looking for are finally found in the Great Library, because “all the answers in the world can be found in books”, a message very much in line with Mumablue, where we defend a good emotional and intellectual development in children through the habit of reading.

Limited edition in collaboration with PNP–Portable North Pole™

“My Christmas story” is a limited edition born from the collaboration between Mumablue and the personalized video-messaging app with a Santa Claus theme, PNP–Portable North Pole. We have created a Christmas themed personalized book in which we recreate all the mythology created by PNP, creating a marvelous magic world, represented in carefully handmade illustrations: elves, reindeer, magical gadgets and enchanted places give “My Christmas story” an extra appeal thanks to the beautiful illustrations.

My Christmas story” is, without a doubt, a fantastic option to give children as a Christmas gift, but also for any other time of the year, as the message we convey is that we should all be kind all the time so that the elves make a good report about every kid, in Santa’s Village. That’s why it’s such a good idea they have it as soon as possible! And remember, don’t miss the opportunity to get this personalized book with Santa as it will only be available for a limited time.

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