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Going to the beach with kids

Going to the beach with kids is not as cool as it seems

Going to the beach with kids makes you realize a lot of things. I don’t understand how the idea of going to the beach makes people so excited. Starting with me. Let me be clear. I’m not thinking of a deserted beach in the Caribbean, with white sand and turquoise water, where palm trees lean over the sea defying gravity, etc. I’m talking about an overcrowded-grey-sand-turbid-waters type of beach, where the only thing that leans over the sea and defies the law of gravity is your flesh after three pregnancies. Every year I can’t wait to go there, and every year I can’t wait to LEAVE.

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traveling with children

Traveling with children. Backpacking mom? What a hoax!

Traveling with children dramatically changes the idea of what travel means. I have friends who are “backpacking” mothers. Or so they say… although I don’t really believe it. Or maybe they have the wrong concept of what a backpacker is… The first principle of every backpacker is freedom, uncertainty, the ability to improvise… concepts that clash head-on with the condition of being parents and, therefore, with the fact of traveling with children.

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Mom during confinment

Mom during confinement (II): Homework assignments

Being a mom is never easy, but being a mom during confinement is a different story. Today I’d like to discuss the subject of homework assignments. Come on! The very first day they sent things to print. Who the hell has a printer at home anymore! Documents are printed at work, that is a fact! Just because I’m working from home doesn’t mean I have a printer AT home. Alright? On the second day, they sent out an educational website. Very nice, if it wasn’t for the fact that it required Flash Player! Are you kidding me? Since when you don’t renew content, since Y2K? Craft activities have reached a whole new level. Was it just me, or did they send you all the activities to do with toilet paper towels? In the middle of the toilet paper crisis! Now that I think about it, maybe the school crafts were the reason for the shortage. 

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